Reviews and Testimonials

Camille completed our house design on time. Her work is top notch!

David Mengon

After numerous attempts to design a new home, we couldn’t envision a plan that included our priorities.  Fortunately, our builder referred us to Stover Creek Designs for help, and we followed his good advice.  Stover Creek Designs met with us virtually and took the time to listen to our priorities, our style, how we planned to live in the home, our must-haves related to living spaces, orienting the home for best views and sunlight, just so many aspects they took into consideration.  With their experience & creativity they managed to integrate ALL of our priorities into the space we allotted.  In a relatively short time Stover Creek Designs turned our vague dream into a cohesive home design that we already know will feel like like “home.”  Thank you, Stover Creek Designs!

D & L

This design team really helped us through the process. They were knowledgeable, courteous and made sure our home would work for us and our way of living. Very pleased with them!

Paul Vanasek