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Residential and Interior Design

House Plan Drafting

Builder Layouts

3D Walk-throughs

House Plan Sales

Remote and Local Services

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Residential and Interior Design

We design custom houseplans that bring your dream to reality. We stay in close communication during the design stages to bring you a set of drafted plans that you love and your builder can construct your dream from.

We specialize in residential house plans as well as helping you design smaller projects such as kitchen and bathroom remodels.

Drafting plans and Builders Layouts

Our services provide detailed pages that go over different aspects of your plan to give your contractor exactly what they need to finish the project.

Our custom layouts can include, A title page and notes, floor plans, foundation, framing for roof, ceiling and floors, roof plan, electrical and mechanical, plot plan, terrain, interiors such as kitchen and bathroom layouts and 3D views of exterior and interior renderings.

We do not engineer plans. We design plans to give to your builder and if your county requires it, to then be sent to an engineer to be redlined.

We are not responsible for and will not do any structural engineering.

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3D Walk-Throughs

We provide a 3-Dimensional experience for you so you can literally walk through your home before it is ever built. This will give interior projects special attention and help you with visualizing your designs.

House Plan Sales

We love to share our designs with you and have packages with a base price plus add-ons. Check out our Plans For Sale! (Coming soon) We have everything from tiny houses to beautiful spacious retreats. If you don’t see what you want, schedule a consultation with us so that we can customize a plan for you.

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Remote and Local Services

We are located in the West central mountains of Idaho, USA. We provide services for Iocal residences in person or for anyone around the country. We follow the National Building codes for the USA and can help bring your dreams to life through video calls and close communication by phone or email.

Stover Creek Designs is here to serve and bring your dreams to life!

Whether your doing a remodel, building a new residence, tiny house living or thousands of square feet, we’ve got you covered and can design it for you.

Camille Jones

Camille has been designing houses for about 15 years. Motivated by wanting to design her own home, she started down a pathbecoming passionate about people realizing their dreams and getting what they want out of a home. She is here to help your dreams become a reality.

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